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TheUnifiedField is the pseudonym for my personal creative projects. These ideas manifest into music, soundscapes, video, photography, and sometimes paint. Mostly influenced by daily life, atmospheres or a personal expression of how I’m feeling, but with the hope they can connect with others too. A subliminal level of communication, which is, I suppose, the essence of art. 

Being a lover of history, I’ve always felt a deep connection with the past and how we can feel a great sense of longing to relive certain moments again. We make these things tangible because of the old processes involved ino

Looking at old photographs, old film or listening to music from another era can transport us back to feel the way we did. Looking at a digital image in a hundred years will look as sharp and clear as it did without a tangible passage of time to document the ageing process we all endure in the real world.

My work aims to capture the beauty of the past within the degradation and ageing using analog processes, to feel a sense of nostalgia even though they are modern pieces. There’s a real beauty that’s captured within the ageing process, as it should be within our world. 

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